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Mashup Web is an intelligent aggregator that relies on both manual content selection and powerful semantic analysis engines.

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Mashup Web allows you to automate your publications efficiently from aggregated sources. No more blank pages!

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Each user has the capacity to choose their preferred content in just a few clicks, and easily set their preferences.

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Keep your pages up-to-date with fresh content related to your specialty.

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Plug in your content sources and let Mashup Web handle the majority of your posts.

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Got an even more advanced use in mind? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are open to any type of collaboration

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A unique technology

Mashup Web brings together thousands of different sources to offer fans unparalleled coverage.

We have developed a technology to reference any source corresponding to a specific theme or focus.

The content base is updated 24/24 and 7/7 with updates every 10 minutes.

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How it works ?

Post automation by design

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Step 1

Connect all your social pages to Mashup Web.

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Step 2

Choose your content sources across 4000 references (or add your own).

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Step 3

Plan your bot and let it choose the best content to post instantly to your pages and in a waiting list you can manually post.

Infinite content

Our algorithms are sourcing thousands of content sources, ready to post to your pages.

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